The Nutella

The Crazy Starbucks Challenge: “The Nutella”

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The Drink: Grande Café Misto, 3 pumps Hazelnut, 2 pumps Mocha, 2 pumps Caramel
The Price: Php 130.00 (Around $3.00)

The NutellaWhat I think:
Because I was feeling lucky that day (badum-tss), I decided to wing it. Unfortunately at first go, my coffee mixing skills failed me. I originally ordered it with one pump less of each syrup. It didn’t work. Though I assume it would if you were to order a Tall Café Misto instead of a Grande.

If you’ve had Hazelnut Mocha before, the taste of “The Nutella” is close to that, but slightly sweeter. The drink didn’t taste as Nutella-y as I expected, but it was still pretty damn good. It was creamy, and dense, and satisfying.

You might want to have a stirrer handy though, because the Mocha ended up settling at the bottom of the cup.

Would I drink it again? Definitely. ♥

You will like it if:
1. …you like the Signature Hot Chocolate but you feel like trying something a tiny bit different.
2. …you’ve tried the Hazelnut Mocha before and enjoyed it (the version in this post is actually cheaper).
3. …you like equal amounts of bitter and sweet in your coffee.
4. …you’re craving for a Nutella fix that doesn’t involve taking a spoon and scooping straight out of the jar.

You will hate it if:
1. …you’re not a fan of Nutella. (In which case, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??)

Tweak it!
– Pumps of syrup, do it and order a Tall Misto instead if you’re not feeling like a Grande cup of sweetness.
+ Whipped Cream to make it even more sinful.
+ Ice Blended for that Nutella Shake feeling. Order a Grande Dark Mocha with 3 pumps of Hazelnut, and 2 pumps of Caramel. Blended whip. You will die.

Sugar Bombs: ◉ ◉ ◉ ◎ ◎
Espresso Shots Fired: ◉ ◉ ◉ ◎ ◎

Personal Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆