StrangeLit: When Filipino Authors Get Fancy

Step 1: Think of a theme.
Step 2: Give it a name.
Step 3: Throw a bunch of Filipino authors in a room and tell them to WRITE.

What happens?

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of #StrangeLit. Forty-one stories. Four anthologies. You get not one, not two, but ten magical stories (or even eleven for bundle three) for its current introductory price of Php90.00 ($1.99)!

Show your support for this amazing and talented community of Indie Filipino Writers by checking them all out… ♥


BUNDLE ONE: Killer Seasons
A werewolf chef, a cursed family, a spell to forget. You’ll meet these and more in the ten stories of the KILLER SEASONS installment of #StrangeLit, featuring:

StrangeLit Killer SeasonsResto Rescue by Maita Rue
The Last Night of Her Wake by Chrissie Peria
House of Silver: A Cursebreaker Novel by C.P. Perez
The Myth Menagerie by Lana Garcia
Vengeance: The Awakening by Arlene Manocot
At The Wishing Well by Amae Dechavez
Intersection by Den Lim
Disappearing Act by Roselle De Guzman
The “Forget You” Brew by Tara Frejas
Aurelia by Japonicus

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