Starbucks Planners || Double Sticker Promo!

It’s the home stretch! The Christmas season is almost over (though, is it ever really over, in this country?) It won’t be long before our favorite Starbucks Holiday Drinks will disappear from the menu. With them will be the chance to get your hands on the 2016 Starbucks Moleskine Planner.

Did you claim one already? Did you claim one too many, like me? Or are you still counting the blank circles in your Starbucks Christmas Traditions Promo Card?

Starbucks Philippines Double Sticker Promo 2016

Fear not! Starting today, January 5, 2016, until January 17, 2016, all Starbucks Philippines branches will be awarding you two stickers for every single purchase of a Starbucks handcrafted  beverage! Isn’t that neat?

This means that even if you’re only starting now, all it will take is one visit a day to get that planner! (Half that many visits if you bring a friend or even better–a date. *wink wink*)

Remember that for every planner redeemed, a donation will be made to partner NGOs Teach For the Philippines and The Peta Theater. So drop by the nearest Starbucks branch near you! You’ll be giving a gift in more ways than one. ♥♥♥



Them Red Cups || No Christmas like a Starbucks Christmas

So it begins: that time of the year when I am inexplicably, and most likely irrationally happy at the sight of a bunch of red paper coffee cups. When Toffee Nut, my favorite Christmas coffee drink, makes a return. When I get to enjoy my favorite Christmas pastry, the Chicken Fajita Roll, whenever I want for the next two months. When the baristas look the cutest as they greet me in their red shirts and green aprons.

And when I see if without trying, I’d be able to break my Starbucks Planner Claim record from four six years ago of eight planners before Christmas day. (Now don’t look at me like that! I give them away as presents! I don’t keep them all in a glass case, call them my precious and salivate over them until next Christmas comes…)

Did you hear Starbucks Philippines recently partnered with Moleskine for their planners? And that every time a planner is redeemed, a donation is made to their partner NGOs Teach For the Philippines and The Peta Theater?

Starbucks Planners 2016 Moleskin

Uh huh. Keep reading. I’ll tell you how.

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The Crazy Starbucks Challenge: Going Green with a Twist

[ What is TCSBC? ]

The Drink: Green Tea Cream Frappuccino with Mint Syrup
The Price: FREE! And in a cute little cup, too ♥
Actual Price: Php 180.00 for a Tall (Around $4.00), Php 10.00 for every upsize

Green Tea With Mint
Green Tea Cream Frappuccino + Mint Syrup

What I think:
Stay in Starbucks long enough on a good day and you’d probably get to experience two of these adorable drink samples. Today I was lucky enough to get one a few hours in, just at lunch time! I always get a little excited with I see a barista walking around with a tray of these tiny cups. First, because I know it’s free. Second, if it’s something I haven’t tried before, I get a sneak peek without spending a single Peso! (Let’s be honest, the best things in life become even better when they’re free of charge. :p)

Today I got the Green Tea Cream Frappuccino with Mint Syrup. I was skeptical at first but, again, it’s free! So why not, right? And I was pleasantly surprised.

I was never a fan of mint in drinks unless it’s in my Mojito (which should be a completely different post… I should make a series about that too). I am particularly Anti Peppermint Mocha. But this was… very, very refreshing. It didn’t have any chocolate or mocha in it but it tasted a lot like the Mint Chocolates that I love munching on. This got me even more interested in The Grasshopper that my friend Paoline suggested.

Would I drink it again? Yes. It’s not too sweet and it’s perfect for a hot day~

You will like it if:
1. … you love mint.
2. … you need a slight change from your regular Green Tea Cream drink.
3. … you want to feel refreshed and cool and oh so chic.

You will hate it if:
1. … you hate mint (but try it anyway. I became a convert!)
2. … you are a purist.
3. … you’d rather just wait an entire year for Christmas and have the Peppermint Mocha.

Tweak it!
+ Add chocolate chips! I imagine it would taste even more like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
+ Add some Mocha drizzle to your whipped cream for an even more pronounced mint chocolate chip flavor.
– Ask for less vanilla syrup if you want it to even be less sweet.
+/- Order it hot and tell me what you think!

Sugar Bombs: ◉ ◉ ◉ ◎ ◎
Espresso Shots Fired: ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎

Personal Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆