Thoughts x Writing || The Thing About Fear

It’s a scary thing to begin with, writing. You’re pouring your soul into this piece that other people will end up reading, consuming, absorbing, criticizing. There’s always a hope in there somewhere that someone will fall in love with your words, your story. But along with it is the fear that someone will close your book feeling disappointed.

The standards we set for ourselves as writers, however, are far more terrifying. I used to think it’s the opinion of other people that will hold me back. But right now as I sit here struggling to write this blog entry, not able to write a lick of anything since the day I didn’t finish something I promised I would last April, I’ve been proven wrong.

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17 Feels that Rushed in Because of #FeelsRushIn

(I honestly don’t know why I ended up with 17 again, but there you go.) Hey! It’s been a while. It was a bit difficult to top #AprilFEELSDay. I kinda shrunk into a pit of I NEED MORE and nearly died in there… until #FeelsRushIn.

There’s that Thing I did to document all the things that happened at Trinoma last weekend. But how much can a video say, really? (Aside from, THAT WAS A LOT OF FUN OKAY.) So I’m making it a tradition. GIFs. GIFs to explain all the feelings whenever #romanceclass decides to be even more awesome than it already is. Feel on, my feels friends…

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17 #AprilFEELSDay Feelings

So a Thing happened yesterday. That Thing that everyone had been looking forward to as early as March finally happened… and it was glorious. We got there way too early, and left long after everyone else had gone home. I got home extremely tired, and woke up feeling so sore. It was as if I’d finished a Triathlon!


Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. I thought I was able to process it enough already, having spent until nearly midnight talking to everyone about it. But no, of course not, how could that be possible? After all I am simply a living, breathing, human shaped casing of feels. So let me just express my feelings in a way that I know everyone will be able to understand… here are my 17 moments of feels during #AprilFEELSDay.

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