17 #AprilFEELSDay Feelings

So a Thing happened yesterday. That Thing that everyone had been looking forward to as early as March finally happened… and it was glorious. We got there way too early, and left long after everyone else had gone home. I got home extremely tired, and woke up feeling so sore. It was as if I’d finished a Triathlon!


Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. I thought I was able to process it enough already, having spent until nearly midnight talking to everyone about it. But no, of course not, how could that be possible? After all I am simply a living, breathing, human shaped casing of feels. So let me just express my feelings in a way that I know everyone will be able to understand… here are my 17 moments of feels during #AprilFEELSDay.

1. When I arrived:

All the books, all the friends, all the things!

2. When attendees began trickling in:

Oh heeeeeeey~

3. When attendees stopped trickling and it felt more like the universe opened a floodgate of them:


6. When we finished setting up the book selling table:


5. When we realized just how many people went because of that long ass line:


6. …and when the air-conditioning kinda got overwhelmed by it, too:

*stands under aircon vent*

7. When the live readers began to arrive:


8. When… waffles and ice cream!


9. When ~*~some~*~ live reader/s arrived then left:

Someone call an ambulance!

10. When Herv read that poem:


11. When this line happened: “Picture me naked.”


12. …and this, too: “Same time tomorrow.”


13. When British Gio happened:


14. When the room came alive with reactions to all the things:


15. When we saw attendees walking out with stacks of new books:

Thank you so much… ;_;

16. When we watched the #AprilFEELSDay tag on Instagram explode:


17. When I finally got home…


Ah, so many people to thank, so many people to congratulate, so much to be grateful for. What an amazing Thing we did, huh? It’s no joke when I say there are still so many feelings left to process and absorb right now. But I’m pretty sure all feelings are overwhelmed by the happiness part of the equation. ❤

‘Til next time, #romanceclass!



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