Starbucks, Matalino Street: Open 24 Hours!

Good news night owls, avid planner collectors, and crazy coffee people! Another Starbucks Philippines Branch in Quezon City has decided to especially accommodate all of us this Christmas 2015.

Starbucks Matalino 24 hours

Starbucks Coffee Matalino Branch will be opening its doors for 24 hours for the next few weekends, just until Planner Season ends. You can study for as long as you want, stack as many Red Cups as you want, bask in 4am calm while you take a bite of that second third Chicken Fajita Roll, and hope you see your Starbucks crush cutely falling asleep a few tables away, just as the sunri–


Yes, right. Starbucks. Matalino. 24 hours. Christmas. YAY!



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