StrangeLit: The Launch That Launched A Thousand Nerves

I’m not even kidding. My nerves kept me on the verge of a panic attack, from my sweaty forehead to the kick ass heels I wore that I’ve lovingly named Mistakes since that day.

That day being: October 24, 2015.
The place: Recession Coffee, Eastwood City.
The event: The #StrangeLit launch.

I got there way too early (even before Ms. Mina!) along with Therese, Krissy, and my bundlemate Sette… who came all the way from Iloilo! Neither of us had any idea how the launch was going to go. It was even more nerve-wracking when people were still just trickling in so close to the start of the program.

But then they stopped trickling. And that was even worse for my nerves! As quickly as it took for me to worry about all my bundlemates who weren’t there yet (or won’t be able to go at all), suddenly, it was a full house at Recession Coffee. HELP!

After a short opening spiel from Ms. Mina, one by one, all the authors present began to read from their stories. Some needed a bit more coaxing than others (read: me). While some needed to go away (read: Wil). Because seriously, how dare you read like that you talented human? In the words of Ms. Mina, we all had to take a short break to regain our self esteem after that one. Therefore I blame him for how I practically just yelled out my reading.

I apologize to those who were standing close enough to experience temporary hearing loss after I was done. It was the nerves. I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my throat in the form of projectile vo– yeah.

Thankfully, I survived. And so did everyone. Right on time, too! That was a feat considering how all our nerves caused a bunch of us to go over the time allotted.

After all that, there was no way we were going to let all the people who came to endure us support us leave empty handed.

There were giveaways for everyone, from all 41 authors of the StrangeLit bundles. From postcards, to bookmarks, to potions and the ever memorable Lamay Survival Kit, as well as the secretly-tim’s-gayuma-coffee-mix from Kaipuhan Kafe, we’ve definitely set a high bar for author giveaways. BEST IN EFFORT!

The experience won’t be something I will soon forget. I actually was at a book launch… MY STORY was part of that! I was there as an author and that will never stop blowing my mind.

My feet may have hurt (no thanks to Miggy for making us walk so far after!), my heart may have been hammering still on the drive home, and I may have wanted to hide under a rock forever after my scream fest of a reading, but that day will be one of the best days for me to remember.

I will always feel lucky to be a part of this community. I got in the game late, admittedly, but in Tara‘s words, this is as good a time as any to be here.

Thank you to Ms. Mina, to Buqo, to everyone who made this launch possible.

Thank you to every single one of you fellow authors for making this experience less traumatizing than I thought it would be, even during our #SparkNa days when I first met you all.

You are probably the nicest, most supportive, and most encouraging writers/readers/people/friends I have ever met. I would’ve given up a long time ago if not for how you’ve been to me, and to each other, the past few months.


Get your own copy of all the #StrangeLit bundles from Buqo!


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