Ain’t No Party Like a #SparkNA Party

June 6. National Bookstore Super Store, Cubao. SparkNA: Last Day.

[ cue orchestra music with matching flashing lights and creepy humming ]

Me, being dramatic: While SparkNA classes were ongoing, it felt like the days were going by so quickly, that two months was way too short to finish a novella. When it was over, I felt as if we’ve all been doing this together for years. And it felt like I was saying goodbye to a bunch of long time friends.

Me, being spazzy: I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT, BUT I FINISHED! 31,000+ words. How even?

Congratulations to all my other classmates who finished, and to those who kept going even when things were going wrong and it was getting difficult to write. Finish it! You can still submit. This isn’t the end. Let’s get that thing out there no matter what!

Me, being sentimental: I took photos, like the stalker that I am. Mostly for those who didn’t come, because reasons.

Me, being realistic: StrangeLit is coming soon, and HeistClub after. No one knows exactly what 2016 has in store for us (except maybe Ms. Mina). But I bet we’ll all be waiting with bated breath, too excited for whatever the next class may be.

And then we’ll be alive on twitter again, stress out again, go nuts again, create another monster out of a hashtag again–it’s going to be EPIC.

For now, let’s chill. Because we can finally get some sleep!

Yeah, no. Who am I kidding? It’s time to plot.


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