The Crazy Starbucks Challenge: “Banana Choco Nut Shake”

[ What is TCSBC? ]

The Drink: Grande Choco-Banana Frappe Affogato, 2-3 pumps Almond, 1 pump Vanilla, Mocha Drizzle
The Price: Php 200.00 (Around $4.50)

Banana Chocolate Nut

What I think:
I’m a genius, is what I think. This week’s friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista, Bianx, looked at me funny while I was consulting her about this drink. I think I stayed at the counter and let other people pass me on the line for fifteen minutes. I knew what I wanted but I also knew they would never blend a banana with a coffee drink.

And then it hit me, Affogato (i.e. drowned in coffee or basically pouring an espresso shot over your frappe/ice cream)–that’s when I was told I could totally be a barista.

Safe to say… it was a success. This drink gave me major Boracay feels, reminding me of my favorite flavor of Jonah’s milkshake. Except I wasn’t on a beach, and the product didn’t come in a plastic bottle. I should probably do something about that beach part before summer ends…

Would I drink it again? Yes. Yes. And Yes. This is totally my kind of drink. ♥

You will like it if:
1. …you like Bananas (or are Bananas, which ever).
2. …you’re craving some Banana Choco Peanut Butter Jonah’s milkshake and can’t exactly go to Boracay because broke, like me.
3. …you like a shot of sugar with your shot of espresso.

You will hate it if:
1. …you don’t like Bananas.
2. …you don’t like it too sweet. (But we can remedy that in the next part!)

Tweak it!
+ Another shot of espresso. I’ll do this next time. Two shots are better than one!
+ Whipped Cream. Have it blended to make it even more creamy.
+ MORE whipped cream. Add it on top with the blended and just… give in. Give. In.
+ More ice. Say you want it Icey. (Yes, you can do this without changing your drink size, I promise.)
+/- Try it with hazelnut and tell me how it goes!

Sugar Bombs: ◉ ◉ ◉ ◎ ◎
Espresso Shots Fired: ◉ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎

Personal Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


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